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Logo Designs and Ideas for 2019

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A logo isn’t just a drawing, but it is also a graphic mark, an emblem, a symbol used to advertise and build brand recognition to the public.

Businesses use them in all collateral design materials for marketing purposes such as stationary, business cards, posters, videos, book cover, among others.

You will find them in different places, from websites we visit every day, social media, products we see in stores.

There are millions of logos from different companies, with different audiences, different purpose, representing different product and services. A logo has a meaning, not to mention an emotional benefit as well.

Logos can be found everywhere from the websites we visit every day to the partners.

Pictorial Marks

Also known as a mark or a logo symbol, is an icon for buttons on keyboards, phones, but it represents a subject with a simple meaning to it. For example, The Twitter symbol represents a bird, the Nike, “Just Do it” as get it done! or the Domino’s Pizza as a symbol of “play with the flavors you love” or choose your favorite ingredient.

Typographic Logos

What’s your brand typography saying?

In the design of your brand identity, typography plays an important role.

The typographic in your logo can be as impactful as a graphic as “the art or process of setting and organizing types.”

There are millions of logos from different companies, with different audiences, different purpose, representing different product and services, therefore, a logo has a meaning, an emotional benefit as well.

Emblem Logos

These logos usually consist of information inside the image; they could be for badges and seals. In fact, the look is very traditional regardless of the style.

Emblem transmits gravity and capacity. You will see that most of these logos are used in hospitals, administrations, and schools. The Chicago clothing Illinois, Lamborghini as the Bull or the NFL logo are some examples of emblem logos.

Composition Ideas

To proceed forward with our customer’s ideas, we highly recommend the following steps:

What is the company mission?
This is the most important question of all, this defines what the business stands for and how it differences from the rest.

Who their target audience is?
This means who they’re trying to target to offer their product and services, based on budget, location, demographic, and others.

Name, Color, and Fonts?
The name of the company is a very important factor for the designer to start researching and looking for inspirations in order to create a masterpiece that will be timeless, and recognizable to the audience.

Color plays an important part in the design, which is part of the brand identity of the client’s company. For instance, red, yellow means intensity, danger, food, and sexual appeal. Then blue means corporate, and peace.  Green means the environmentally friendly product, services, or cause, pink means empowerment, sometimes feminine depending on the tint, and darkness, orange means fitness and excitement, gray means corporate identity and seriousness, not much emotion.

The font used on the logo may require 1 or 2 more fonts to have the marketing materials for the product or service.

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