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Custom Printed Greeting Cards For All Occasions

From a “Thank you” card to “Happy Birthday” greeting cards, you are always willing to show gratitude to someone you love, respect, and maintain loyalty to.

Greeting cards come in different sizes, shapes, colors, designs, and most importantly, different messages from any special occasion.

Show joy, devotion, and overall excitement towards something you want to celebrate with your loved ones.

Choose from several different types of coating mentioned below.

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Our top-end selection includes single cards, boxed designs, whether if it’s photo-driven imagery, illustration, typographical, among other styles. Here are some of the most popular sizes and quality we offer to our clients.

Things to Know:

What’s Spot UV: is a common expression for the technique of printing the finishing of a highly glossy UV coating onto a printing component.

What’s Uncoated?: not covered with a coating of a particular substance.

What’s Scoring?: This is a process of making a precise line in the paper, this way it becomes easier to fold on the greeting cards. The technique of finishing a score on the paper is referred to, so it is easier to fold on the welcome cards.

What’s Akuafoil?: a layer of silver ink is applied under regular colors, resulting in glimmering metallic accents on your printed pieces.

6” X 9” Greeting Cards

Matte Finished, Scoring Included

Pearl Metallic, Scoring Included

With Akuafoil Spot UV on Both Sides, OR one Side

Gloss Cover with AQ or Non-AQ Scoring Included

Natural Uncoated, Scoring Included “Most Popular”

8.5” X 5.5” Greeting Cards

With AQ Scoring Included

No AQ Scoring Included “Hottest One In the Market”

Satin AQ, Scoring Included

Natural Uncoated, Scoring Include “Save up to 10%”

10” x 7” Greeting Cards

Silk Laminated 16pt Scoring Included “High Luxury Events”

Silk Laminated 16pt with Spot UV Both Sides

8.5” X 11” Greeting Cards

Matte/ Dull Finish, Scoring Included “Basic & Fantastic”

With UV on Front Only, Scoring Included

Uncoated Natural, Scoring Included “Best Price”

Silk Laminated, scoring Included “ Premium Marvelous”

11” x 4.25” Greeting Cards

Cover Uncoated Linen, Scoring Included “ Best Deal”

UV on Front Only, Scoring Included “ Savings is here “

Natural Uncoated, Scoring Included.

To sum it up, every card is special, and ultimately it all comes down to materials, content, but most importantly, what message translate for whoever gets it, it’s special, and it’s unique.

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